Academy Professor

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Academy Professor has been discontinued. Its project page is kept here for posterity.

Academy Professor is an app that helps you play Hero Academy in two big ways! It includes a damage calculator to simulate matchups between units, and keeps track of what units, potions, and powerups have been used by your opponent (as well as by yourself).

The Professor knows about all 6 heroic teams, including the Council, Dark Elves, Dwarves, The Tribe, Team Fortress 2, and Shaolin. Keep track of as many games and calculations as you like across all of your iOS devices with iCloud.

Academy Professor shows you the odds of your opponent having an item in their hand, and you can keep your own notes as well for each game.

Landscape support allows you to switch quickly and seamlessly between the game and Academy Professor to keep track of your games.

Play better – play smarter with Academy Professor!