App Invaders

App Invaders has been discontinued. Its project page is kept here for posterity.

Travel the world, find interesting Apps, and destroy them! App Invaders combines classic Invaders-style gameplay with thetop charting Apps from all around the world.

Battle the invading Apps in 11 different countries around the world:
• Australia
• Canada
• China
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Japan
• Republic of Korea
• Spain
• United Kingdom
• United States

Each country includes hand-drawn background graphics, custom arcade music, and time-of-day effects.

Choose your chart to battle new, free, or paid Apps. But watch out — the higher the price, the higher the points!

Apps come in all flavors: Games, Utilities, Photography, Travel, News, and many others. Battle a specific category of apps or choose All to get a variety.