Island of Doom Software Inc. provides mobile & game software development and graphic design services. We’re based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

You can contact us at overlord@islandofdoom.com

John Arnold

I have been in the mobile app development business since 2006 (the glory days of J2ME). Nowadays my focus is on Unity, iOS, and Android, upon which I have built several successful apps. As the lead technical partner of Handelabra Games (based in Cleveland, Ohio), I have shipped popular games (Sentinels of the Multiverse, Spirit Island, Aeon’s End, One Deck Dungeon, Bottom of the 9th, Uncle Slam, Expo Bingo), productivity apps (RE.minder), and niche services (GAME.minder).

Brittney McIsaac

I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. My most recent work can usually be found in mobile apps (for iPhone and iPad). Although I am partial to whimsical design with bright colours and organic forms, I am always interested in exploring different styles and ideas.

I was officially introduced to the digital world of art creation through my partner John Arnold, who has a contagious passion for computers, games, and the like. My background is traditional art forms but once I got a Wacom tablet, there was no stopping me!