Coming soon: Academy Professor 1.3 with Shaolin team

Did you think we forgot about Academy Professor? Think again! As soon as the new Shaolin team appeared in Hero Academy, we were on the spot adding support for it to your favorite unit tracking and helper app.

There are a few more tricks up our sleeve, too. If you’ve got a shiny new iPhone 5 or iPod touch with the 4-inch Retina Display, you’ll have more room than ever to see your units. And even if you don’t have a new device, you’ll love the new interface enhancements like updated icons and shrinking empty rows so you can see more of the numbers that matter!

The 1.3 update has been submitted for Apple review and should be available in a little over a week. Until then, have a look at the new features and a teaser screenshot.

– Added support for the new Heroic Team: Shaolin!
– Increased clarity and quality of unit silhouette icons.
– Empty rows now automatically shrink so you can see more full and partially full rows.
– Improved performance of scrolling and count changes.
– iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support.